Social Media marches on

…And takes me with it! I set up a new Twitter account strictly for Secret Side of Empty book news.  I have not historically been the world’s best tweeter, so I’m giving it [...]

Goodbye Day

My kids go to my ex-husband’s home country with him for three weeks every summer.  They left this morning.  I want to say I’m an old pro at saying goodbye to them.  And I am.  But [...]

Oh, Carlos Danger

On behalf of Latinos, let me send this message to Anthony Weiner:  step off our names.  Of all the undignified handles this pathetic little man could have come up with, why one with the name [...]

Last “kid” birthday

Twelve years ago today, right around this time, my youngest was a couple of hours old.  (Born at 8:12 a.m., always a morning person, just like his father and so unlike his mother).  The bustle of [...]

Dinner for four

If there was ever a poster couple for a bitter divorce, it was my ex-husband and I.  We are both from traditional cultures, where marriage is understood to be forever.  We did not have a good [...]

Avoiding the inevitable

I am notoriously bad at endings.  I am all creative flash at the beginning of things, then progressively less useful as the process wears on.  Call it not being a detail person, self [...]

Passing out from love

Yesterday, I rewrote a chapter from my work in progress to give my protagonist and her love interest a bit more backstory. I sent it to a trusted and talented fellow writer and critique partner [...]

Free Range Fail

She got all dressed up for the occasion in a pink dress and the daintiest earrings I’d ever seen her wear.  She looked heartbreakingly grown up.  At 13, she could easily pass for 17 in that [...]