The hangover

I don’t feel like rising. I can manage on my side, breath in and out, the black sheep cat nestled in the crook of my arm. In and out. I can do this, but not much more. I’m not sad. [...]

Another novel finished

Last night, at around 11:00 pm, I finished writing a first draft of a novel. It is the third I’ve finished since the one I published. The tale of why none of the three have made it out in [...]

On being one-note

I wish I could write about more things. I’ve often lamented to myself that my blog goes like this: finding that you’ve somehow become the adult is weird, men and relationships are [...]

Praying for peace

“Are you asleep?” he asked softly from my bedroom door. “No,” I lied. Even though he could see I was, and I knew he knew I was. He wouldn’t be asking if he didn’t need me to be awake. He came [...]

Books NJ 2017

Hello, sugarplums! I’m delighted and honored to have been chosen for my second turn at BooksNJ, the big and wonderful book festival that happens on the grounds of the Paramus Library. This [...]

Tale as old as time

This weekend I went to see the live action remake of Beauty and the Beast. I’d been looking forward to it for months, luminous Emma Watson starting as Belle, the book nerd heroine that so [...]

Not today

Yesterday, I went to do a trade show for work. It was a small, regional show, and so I went alone instead of with a colleague. Walking into the university gym converted into an exhibitors’ [...]

New email address

I have just received a notice from my internet service provider that they will no longer be supporting email as of April 7th. When I switched email addresses from Earthlink, back in the neolithic [...]

You go, girl

I’m seeing lots of “phenomenal women” t-shirts popping up on my Twitter feed. Lots of “women are great” sentiments. It’s International Woman’s Day, you [...]

Train wreck politics

This morning, I stared at my Facebook status bar for a full five minutes, trying to come up with something non-political to share. I have noticed so many of my progressive friends post about [...]

Left wanting

I’ve been an Amazon customer since 1999. Recently, I checked out my purchase history, and it was like a diary of my life. Natural birth guides. Books about surviving the toddler years. That [...]

Does evil exist?

I have spent a lifetime looking for the other side of evil, the human side, the one I could understand. I may have finally come to the conclusion that evil does, in fact, exist. It is a sad day. [...]

I can’t keep quiet

The “official” anthem of the Women’s March came into my consciousness when the songwriter and an a cappella choir sang it on Full Frontal with Samanatha Bee. I looked up the [...]


I hate lines. Imaginary lines on the ground, where “borders” are. Lines of divide between people, the “you like country/I like rock” ways in which we choose to separate [...]

The many textures

I am reading the most exquisite book, The Little Paris Bookshop. It is about a man who has been missing the woman he loves but who left him twenty-one years before. Finally, he finds a letter [...]

Unleashing Readers

I always love getting a Twitter notification that a new reader has found my book and tweeted about it, but this one in particular delighted me. There’s a new review of TSSoE at Unleashing [...]