It’s on

I feel like many of my recent posts have been sort of gloomy, which does not at all reflect how my day to day life is going. Life is good! My biggest problem, currently, is a band of masked [...]

Bugged out

There’s a quickening of my heart, trot to canter. I can’t quite tell what causes it. It could be anything, these days. Deportation forces carrying out round-ups, dark and quiet, [...]


A few days ago, Twitter erupted with the hashtag #metoo. It was meant to convey the sheer magnitude of the numbers of women who have been sexually assaulted or harassed, in solidarity with Harvey [...]

A whisper

I write like a whisper. Hear me. The silence turns its back. I say one more thing. Nothing. We are bugs in a jar, each in our own. I can see your light but I cannot hear you. I try to scrawl out [...]

Dear Hillary Clinton

I didn’t like you when I first became aware of you. I was twenty-two, and you looked ancient to me at forty-five. (Ha). But not just ancient… grating. Presumptuous. Your husband was [...]

Expect me, darling

Searching through my phone for a picture to go with my piece on cemeteries (link below if you missed it), I came across a note I’d found on top of a tomb in Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 in New [...]

The island rain

The jungle comes in for a hug on either side The people ahead of me outpace me Stretched long with good nutrition and a certainly they belong where they’ve been planted I have snuck myself [...]

I am on a fast

A social media fast, that is. It began like this: my mornings usually begin with some CNN on in the background, occasionally muted so I can surf Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. When my squirrel [...]

A note on revenge queries

What are revenge queries? I am in the process of querying for my second agent. It feels a little like walking across the gym to ask someone to dance, plus a job interview, plus being covered in [...]

I still dream of America

An author I greatly admire posted on social media earlier today. Her post was a picture of some flowers behind a wooden fence. Beyond it, far away and in a mild breeze, an American flag. The [...]

The Wonder

The 1970s TV version of Wonder Woman taught me a lot of things. It taught me that shiny fabric is fabulous. It introduced me to the wonders of a good pair of boots. But, coming as it did on the [...]

When all is lost

When my daughter was around ten, she walked home from school clutching a bright purple flower she’d picked from a neighbor’s front yard. “Can we get this?” she asked. She [...]

Little Wonders

Today, a friend sent me pictures of a litter of kittens she’d found behind her garage. The implication was clear, although she was smart enough not to come out with it: one of these could [...]

Class migrants

Much is said about people moving from one country to another, or about people of one race living among those of a different race. But not as much is said about people crossing class barriers. As [...]

The hangover

I don’t feel like rising. I can manage on my side, breath in and out, the black sheep cat nestled in the crook of my arm. In and out. I can do this, but not much more. I’m not sad. [...]

Another novel finished

Last night, at around 11:00 pm, I finished writing a first draft of a novel. It is the third I’ve finished since the one I published. The tale of why none of the three have made it out in [...]

On being one-note

I wish I could write about more things. I’ve often lamented to myself that my blog goes like this: finding that you’ve somehow become the adult is weird, men and relationships are [...]