Blog tour, day 4

Today’s “stop” on the blog tour is at Confessions of an Inner Aspen.  I just love the concept of an “inner” self, a secret self which we don’t reveal to the [...]

Birth Wars

In today’s birthing world, no decision about pregnancy and newborns seems easy.  Epidural or not?  Midwife or doctor?  Breastfeeding and pumping, or supplemental formula?  Every decision is [...]

Blog named Top 10!

The day I signed my book deal, I returned to my desk to find an email letting me know that my dating blog, 51 First Dates After Divorce, has been named one of the Top 10 Best Dating After Divorce [...]

A love letter to my weeds

Dear weeds: Like with all my love relationships, life with you has sometimes been complex.  Sure, I’ve yanked you out of the ground.  But, in my defense, I’ve never sprayed you with toxic [...]

A bittersweet freedom

She turned my life upside down in the most painful way imaginable 10 years ago.  Then she disappeared.  Yesterday, she wrote me on Facebook, asking for a big favor.  It was something of a shock, [...]

Someone is Watching

When I was in Catholic school, the nuns used to say that we should be good in every moment because God was always watching.  It freaked me out a little, this Big Brother deity.  I spent way too [...]

The Journey from Illegal

In the jumble of feelings and paperwork that is a divorce, my naturalization certificate disappeared.  My ex said he didn’t have it.  I knew he did.  Last week, 5 years after it went missing, it [...]

A Hurricane of Anger

It only takes me 4 days with no power and heat to see violence in a whole new way. I don’t participate in any. Or even consider it, not really. But I feel it bubble up inside me, the call [...]

Denied the Dream

Every year, thousands of undocumented children graduate from high school in the U.S., into the abyss of social security number-less existence, no reliable path to higher education, and a life of [...]