Free Range Fail

She got all dressed up for the occasion in a pink dress and the daintiest earrings I’d ever seen her wear.  She looked heartbreakingly grown up.  At 13, she could easily pass for 17 in that [...]

Blog tour, day 7

Wrapping up the first week of my blog tour and enjoying the great new bloggers and new Facebook “Like-ers.”  Thanks for stopping by! Today, The Secret Side of Empty is spotlighted in [...]

Blog tour, day 6

Here’s an interview with me on Much-Loved Books.  Love that blog title – I hope one day that’s what people will call The Secret Side of Empty!  Click here to read the interview [...]

Blog tour, day 5

Today’s blog tour stop finds Hispanic little me reviewed at the Irish-est blog I’ve ever seen, Celtic Lady’s Reviews.  (The right hand column of the blog begins, “Because [...]

Blog tour, day 4

Today’s “stop” on the blog tour is at Confessions of an Inner Aspen.  I just love the concept of an “inner” self, a secret self which we don’t reveal to the [...]

Blog tour, day 3

Today, The Secret Side of Empty gets spotlighted in Click here to read on Reese’s Reviews. Also:  five things about Secret Side that might surprise you!  Read it here at Bex-n-Books. Come [...]

Blog tour, day 2!

Here’s a guest post I did about one of my big influences (in life and in writing).  Click here to read it on Take Me Away – a book blog. Also, on today’s second stop, I write [...]

The blog tour begins!

I wanted to start my blog tour today, on my birthday.  I am one of the few grown-ups I know who still takes delight in her birthday as if I’m turning 5 instead of my actual age.  Balloons [...]

Living the dream

I once heard that life is about being dissatisfied.  The thinking goes it’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Dissatisfaction is what drives progress.  Dissatisfaction with foraging led to [...]

Facing the critics

Writing a book about something you’ve considered your biggest secret for most of your life has its challenges.  One is, well, telling the secret.  For the most part, telling has opened me [...]

Profiled in

Check out my very first interview!  Talking about my book was everything I thought it would be.  The reporter asked great questions and put me at ease. profiles  The Secret Side of Empty. [...]

Adventures in publishing

I am really enjoying this book publicity stuff, as I knew I would.  I am living the dream! When I was a little undocumented girl living in a ratty basement, I would entertain my parents by [...]