The fall of empires

December 14, 2166 – University of Edinburgh My junior year midterm thesis assignment: compare the fall of two of history’s empires Which ones I chose: the Roman Empire (509 BCE to 476 [...]

The end is nigh

Almost everyone I talk to says they don’t fear death. I don’t fully understand how this is possible. We, collectively, as a species, exhibit a kind of existential dread, doing things [...]

Ode to the cat

As with most things feminized, cats are underrated. Too long the presumed purview of lonely, crazy cat ladies, cats are seen as the pet of the isolated and maladjusted, of the kooky and the [...]

Random thoughts

I don’t have a cohesive post in mind, but I feel like saying hi, so here I am. First, I am so “on” in my writing life, and I’m so delighted about it. Today I reached [...]

Cutting the cord

I have been wanting to do it for years, but I’ve been too afraid. But, on Friday, I did it: I got rid of cable. I find that reactions to that statement fall into two camps: [...]

Busta move

The text read, “Wanna try my hip hop class tonight? Lots of fun, great workout. $20.” I almost quipped back, “Sure, and how about some root canal afterwards?” But I am in [...]

Day 1434

One thousand four hundred and thirty four days left to survive until the next presidential election. They are days we must not let go by idly. Sure, it’s easy to relax, focus on decorating [...]

Yes, it was racism

I have watched my friends and the media grapple with the question of why white voters flocked to Trump. People who want to believe the best in people (including most Republicans) seem to prefer [...]

13th – a review

When I first read The New Jim Crow, a book about how drug laws actually serve many of the same uses as Jim Crow laws, I was absolutely electrified, but frustrated that most people who don’t [...]