Best news of the day

I refer to often, because just as I’m about to use a word I’ve used a thousand times I sometimes ask myself: does this really mean exactly what I want it to mean here? [...]

Happiness is…

…watching blankets of gorgeous, powdery snow from a warm and toasty house. …having kids old enough to help shovel. …having said kids not grumble once about helping. [...]

A solid wood table

My first significant act of the new year was to get rid of my dining room table.  I used to have a fancy, stodgy mahogany table, part of a set.  My ex and I bought it as one of our first acts as [...]

Ducking Free Speech

About a month ago I went to my local CVS and found myself walking past a display of cups with the faces of really homely bearded men on them. They looked something like a biker gang, totally [...]


Yesterday I forgot my phone and hopped on a bus to New York City. Somewhere right before exit 17 for the Lincoln Tunnel, I realized it. It took three passengers to restrain me from jumping out of [...]

The dreamy idealist

This morning, a friend posted her personality test results on Facebook.  For kicks, I figured I’d take the test too.  My results?  I am what’s called a Dreamy Idealist.  When I read [...]

Snow day writing

Yesterday we got the most angelic, beautiful snowfall, perfect puffs of white floating in mid-air outside my window.  I worked from my living room and enjoyed them, a warm cup of tea nearby. [...]

Book selfies!

[su_dropcap style=”light” size=”4″]L[/su_dropcap]ast night I got home to find a heavy and unexpected package at my door. I opened it up… books!!! MY books! I knew we [...]

Who Am I?

About 6 weeks ago, I finally crossed off a “bucket list” item and ordered an anthropological study of my DNA (I know – go wild, Maria.  What a bucket list).  Guess what?  Turns [...]


I am not a forgiver.  I am not one to let things go.  I am a chronicler of wrongs, a rememberer.  It is a habit I learned in childhood.  I can still tell you the name of a girl who thoughtlessly [...]